What you need to know about Mongolian gerbils


Having a pet implies a certain degree of responsibility so I can only encourage more people to appeal to this. Apart from the great feeling of looking after another being, you will also be rewarded with unconditional love, regardless of the type of animal you choose as a pet.

Many people consider that only pets like dogs and cats get attached to their owners, but that’s clearly not true. If you show your pet love and trust, it will offer you trust and love in return. It is the same with all rodents, regardless if you choose a regular hamster, a chinchilla, or a gerbil.

And, speaking of, although it may seem tempting, keeping your animal in specific cages for gerbils may not be the best option, especially if you have a small kitchen where they can run free. If you decided to look after such a furry animal, here are some things you should take into account about their breeding and lifestyle.

They are extremely sociable creatures

Creating a bond with your gerbil could prove a bit difficult at the beginning, but once the rodent can trust you, you will receive in return love and devotion. Unlike other rodents that tend to be lonelier and night creatures, gerbils are very sociable and curious. Thus, they require external stimuli to trigger curiosity and help them improve their knowledge about the surrounding environment.

Since they are social creatures, the best way to keep your gerbil happy is to buy at least one other individual to share a cage. The more the merrier but don’t forget about keeping the environment interesting as well.

These creatures are also very attached to their offspring, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the children often choose to learn all their survival skills from their parents, by constantly being by their side until they’re mature enough to go on their own.

They are very clean animals

Unlike other pets, having a gerbil won’t require too much effort on your behalf. In fact, these pets are used to warm and dry climates, so they adjusted their body heat and internal needs to don’t drink too much water, and, so, not urinate that often. As a result, their cages remain clean for a prolonged period of time, while the air remains fresh. If you want to keep this fresh scent even longer, make sure to choose the right type of bedding.

I strongly suggest opting for cellulose bedding and not the regular wood dust because this contains essential oils that are harmful to Mongolian gerbils. You can also buy scented bedding made from the same cellulose if you don’t feel like freshening up the cage too often.


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