What should hamsters eat?


It’s essential that you don’t overfeed your hamster since they can quickly develop health issues, including obesity. This can lead to heart conditions and premature death, meaning you have to learn how many calories your pet needs and to give it products that are not rich in sugars and fat.

One of the best methods to ensure a proper food intake is to buy a pre-packed seed mix which you can find in most pet shops. Musli and pellets seem to be the most popular choices among pet owners. Stay away from colorful foods, because just like in nature, bright colors are usually full of poisons such as artificial colorants and other additives.

When it comes to pet hamsters and the wild ones, their diets are a bit different. Free hamsters usually live near deserts, so most of their food consists of seeds, wheat and all types of grass. The mouse-like creatures are omnivores, but in the wild food is scarce, so they usually only eat insects. The house hamsters have a more varied diet since humans can provide the required food without too much fuss.

I’ve once watched a documentary that has emphasized the fact that hamsters love fruits and most types of vegetables. But be warned that too much fruit can cause diarrhea since they are high in sucrose. Besides, just like humans, they need fibers. If you happen to celebrate a special occasion, you should give them some tasty treats once in a few months  – hamsters adore carrots and bananas.

One food you should never feed your pet is citrus, as the acid can burn their tiny digestive tracts. Also, one awesome treat to give your pet when you’re feeling generous is a hard-boiled egg, because eggs are rich in cholesterol. Also, regarding the protein necessities, mealworms can make great snacks for hamsters.

When it comes to deadly food, never give your pet expired food or something that is sticky or sharp. Their oral cavities are highly sensitive, and such food can easily suffocate them, even if you have the best intentions, to begin with. If you do your research, your pet will be very happy and well fed, and accidents will not be part of your schedule.

You need to fill their food bowls every morning, and when you leave the house, make sure they have plenty treats to last them until you come back. The ideal daily quantity of food is around 10g, twice a day. But that varies according to your pet’s metabolism and personality. A more active hamster will require more dry food and proteins.

Now that you know what makes this type of pet happy, maybe you should start shopping. They are not fussy eaters, but there are a few foods that can be lethal if you don’t pay enough attention to your companion’s diet.


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