Interesting facts about Guinea Pigs

Owning any type of pet is a great responsibility, so I encourage more people to change their lives and adopt a pet. They provide unconditional affection and are warm creatures that can hardly wait for you to come back home and fill you with their love.

Guinea Pigs are no exception as they can make great pets for people of all ages, including children. They are not complicated to look after and generally live a few years, depending on the conditions you are willing to offer them.

My fascination for Guinea Pigs started with my own pet when I was a child, and only grew bigger over the years. And, since I couldn’t stick to only the main characteristics of them, I made a list of the top interesting facts about Guinea Pigs.

They love company

As with many other rodents, Guinea Pigs love the company of other fellows of the same kind, so make sure to acquire at least a pair if you want to keep these pets happy and active. Sure, you may be facing an enlarged family anytime soon, but Guinea Pigs are at their best when they have a companion. In fact, the enjoy grooming each other as they are very clean animals.

And, the happier and better they are looking after, the more you will get to enjoy their presence. The average lifespan of a Guinea Pig is between 4 and 7 years, depending on how much time you dedicate to them, and how happy they are with what you provide.


Choose the right type for you

There are three main types of Guinea Pigs, depending on their length and fur. The American/ English pigs are the most common type and feature short hair and a smooth coat. They are also the easiest to look after as they don’t require constant combing and grooming.

The second type is the Abyssinian Guinea Pig with a wiry coat that often forms swirls and requires combing. The last type is the Peruvian Guinea Pig with silky, long, and straight hair. These are the most pretentious when it comes to combing and looking after, but you will also have the most fun with them.

You can create countless hairstyles for your beloved Guinea pig, so they will make great companions for those who feel a little lonely.


Believe it or not, Guinea Pigs have nothing to do with pigs or the country Guinea for that matter. The origins of their name have plenty of theories, none of them fully approved or tested.

One of the theories suggests that the name Guinea was given, in fact, by their market value of one Guinea, a type of English coin that was used for trading in early ages.


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