Do rabbits make good pets?


If you want to get out of the mainstream, or if you want a pet that is low maintenance but which will still bring you heaps of happiness, then I suggest going for a rabbit. It’s a fairly unknown pet, which people usually associate with farms. However, they are furry little animals that can accommodate to any type of any environment if you provide the food and the love they need.

One thing that I think makes rabbit such unlikely loyal companions is the fact that they are social beings, which like to explore and to hop around to find delicious treats. They like to roam free, but at the same time, they don’t find small spaces such as boxes or cages unpleasant.

It will be a joy to watch them being clumsy and discovering your house. You and your family will start in no time hiding carrots or apples around the living room, and you will release the rabbit just to see it play detective and to see it discover the delicious secrets.

Another great thing about bunnies is that they can be litter box trained. If you rescue one from a shelter they might or not be already trained. But even if they’re not, with the proper cage, they can be easily taught good manners. There are heaps and heaps of resources on the Internet regarding the litter training of your pet, so this aspect shouldn’t bother you too much.

Speaking of cages, rabbits have their own type of housing. There are a plethora of models on the market for you to choose from according to your breed. But one factor to bear in mind is that rabbits and their living spaces are easy to maintain. This is one of the pro arguments that most people appreciate about living with bunnies.

As pets, they are lively and playful and kind. And feeding them will be simple, as the market is filled with all kinds of pre-mixed boxes of food, which contain all the nutrients and all the diverse vegetables and seeds a rabbit could need to have healthy digestion. Their primary food is hay grass, and that needs to be accessible at all times.

The essential thing you need to be careful with when raising them as pets is that they get stressed very easily. Remind yourself that, especially when traveling and when you are changing their environment. And when handled by small children, educate them not to make sudden movements or to hold them by the ears.

Rabbit can become more than pets. They can become a lifestyle because they are easy to love and since they offer plenty of great moments of being adorable and clumsy. And their fluffiness will keep you warm at night when you want to get rid of stress while playing with your favorite furry friend.


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